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Welcome to Hair Extensions London based in east London UK. The name indeed defines us; it is the leading name when it comes to providing PREMIUM Hair …

Welcome to based in east London UK. The name indeed defines us; it is the leading name when it comes to providing PREMIUM Hair Extensions and broad training within the hair industry, using our own innovative Cold Fusion Technology.

For several years now, we have been going to great lengths to develop our products. Our secret has been simply listening to the individual as well as salon business owners in order to continue occupying the top spot in the Hair Extension industry.

Let’s take you back to where Hair Extensions London all began.

How did we start?

In 2007, our London salon realised that the hair extension industry was in dire need of an application that was not only faster but also non-harmful. We went on a global “hunt” for a manufacturer who will be able to catch our vision and proceed to help us implement it. At last, we managed to develop our ground-breaking cold fusion system.

In 2009, we felt that the time was ripe for us to take full charge in the quality of the material we were offering to the market. This meant globe-trotting to source our own bonding machine so that we could bond our own hair. This was a great step forward that made certain that we could guarantee the use of the finest quality keratin bonds.

In 2010, because of the confidence and expertise we had along with our skills in the hair extension industry on the rise, we implemented an unrivaled customised colour mixing service.

The year 2011 ushered in another milestone and saw us modernise the appearance and feel of the cold fusion application system.

In 2012 we introduced another product line to our collection. This was to ensure that we satisfied all the demands of our customers. Presently, we have the Standard range which caters for the budget conscious, as well as the Premium rage for those clients who are looking for an elite quality product.

The year 2013 saw launch a brand new website to both consumer and trade. We became proud sponsors at London Fashion Week, working jointly with prominent hair stylists.  Our vision is to continuously produce first-rate products and incomparable service without any form of compromise.


Wonderful Hair “goodies”

As well as our Cold Fusion technology, we offer in depth hair extension applications Training to Hair Salons, Freelancers as well as Session Stylists.

We take great care of our client’s natural hair by employing the gentlest and fastest method of application using Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Technology. In order to ensure that the hair is not damaged, we use this cutting-edge technology, in which no heat or glue is used within an incredible application record time of only 90 minutes.

Also, we manufacture all of our hair and products on site. This means that we have total control over the entire process and can therefore provide the highest standard of each item that is delivered to our customers. Because we strictly control and maintain our set standards, the only thing we can do is to improve on them!

We offer Cuticle Correct Remy Hair, which means that the hair is not only long-lasting and natural but also lustrous and livelier. For those who do not need to undergo training, there is the option to purchase hair only, as well as booking a consultation to get Wonderful Hair yourself!

We offer a custom-made colour blending service to allow us to make perfect colour matches.

Determine UK Quality Hair Extensions You Want To Buy

There are ways you can use to determine the quality of hair extensions. One of them is just by looking at them to ensure the colour matches that of your natural hair, and the other way is checking the way they have been made.

For those who have difficulties in differentiating between standard and quality hair extensions, here are some useful tips to help you in buying your next set of quality hair extensions:

Check the hair type

You need to select the type of hair extensions cautiously. Usually, hair extensions come in an array of different hair types which range in diverse shades, lengths and quality. So, how can you tell which hair type is the best? Simply look out for Remy human hair extensions. Presently, they are classed as the premium quality of hair in the industry since the hair is naturally sourced and the cuticles all face the same direction for natural-looking hair extensions. Besides, they can be styled and treated just in the same manner as you would your own natural growing hair.

Since synthetic hair extensions have a silicone layer on them, they are not heat-friendly. When this coating eventually fades away, it removes the shine from the extensions as well.


Find out if they shed

The finest hair extensions will not shed even after numerous amounts of styling.  You can do a test to determine the quality of your hair extensions and find out whether they shed or not by running your fingers through the extensions. If you are able to slither your fingers through easily without shedding a considerable amount of hair, excepting a few strands to naturally shed, then you know that it is truly high quality.

How thick are they?

Your hair extensions should also be the same thickness from top to the bottom. Therefore, before you purchase quality hair extensions, you should hold a weft up to the light and see if there are any noticeable gaps between the hair. If the weft has many gaps or its top looks thicker than the bottom, this would mean that these are not the best quality hair extensions on the market.

How about the clips? 

The clips should be among the main things to check when buying good quality clip hair extensions. You need to find out if they clip in very tightly to your hair, whether they are comfortable, and if they cause the wefts to move down your hair. All these things will help you to determine the quality of your Clip in Hair Extensions.

Check the length to ensure it is the same

High quality hair extensions ought to be the same length.  For instance, if you have bought extensions measuring 18″-22”, then every strand of hair within the bond should be of similar length.

At Wonderful Hair, we take great pride in providing the best products in the hair extensions industry. With our products, you will definitely cause many heads to turn and attract non-stop compliments!

 Before and after pictures of our Wonderful Hair Extensions 


Feel free to view a quick video of our best quality Hair Extensions application from our Wonderful Hair Clients. Click here.